A roundup of Super Bowl LIII commercials from automakers

During Hyundai's Super Bowl LIII spot, the automaker promotes its Shopper Assurance program, which makes buying a car a lot less like getting a root canal. (Image courtesy of Hyundai Motor America)

As Super Bowl LIII approaches, so do some of the best commercials we’ll likely see all year.

Of course, a slew of automakers must get in on the action. So, you’ll find some tug at the emotions, like the Kia spot, and some are just plain funny, like Hyundai’s “The Elevator.” And some, like Dodge, Jeep and Ram, tease what’s coming during the Big Game.

Here’s a roundup of what we’ve found on YouTube so far, with updates to come post game.

Audi “Cashew”

This spot starts out tugging the heart strings with a reunion between grandson and his grandpa, leading into a look at Audi’s upcoming e-tron. But there’s a twist in the middle. And, yes, cashews are relevant.

Dodge “Georgia” Teaser

Dodge launched this – as well as spots for Jeep and Ram -- as a part of its “Big Game Blitz,” and at just 45 seconds, we assume this is a teaser of things to come. Set to the tune of the “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” this spot a display of vehicular acrobatics that warms the enthusiast soul.

Hyundai “The Elevator”

For this spot, Hyundai plays on the old joke that buying a car is worse than getting a root canal – or any other number of horrible things – unless, of course, you’re using Hyundai’s Shopper Assurance. Starring Jason Bateman as the elevator operator, who delivers his passengers to their fate.

Hyundai “Game’s On”

This ad from Hyundai rings in at less than a minute and touts its SUV lineup that’s ready to help you go explore the world. Just not today.

Kia “The Great Unknowns”

This year, Kia opts for emotion over star power. Touting a town of "Great Unknowns" in West Point, Ga., which also happens to build the all-new Telluride. As the commercial states: "No, we are not famous, but we are incredible. And we make incredible things."

Jeep “Crusher” Teaser

This Big Game Blitz spot from Jeep focuses on its all-new 2020 Gladiator pickup truck, with a graphic scene that might hurt a classic car enthusiast’s soul: What appears to be a 1960s-era Jeep Gladiator being sent to the crusher. But the Gladiator prevails in the end.

Mercedes-Benz "Say The Word"

Mercedes-Benz leans on some humor to introduce some cool technology in the new 2019 A-Class. The whole idea is to use voice commands to get what you want immediately. Heck, wouldn't we all love the light to change with a voice command?

Ram “Can’t Remember” Teaser

This is the spot for the Big Game Blitz that makes me think there’s more to come from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles during the actual Super Bowl because it begins with two guys mocking the pre-release of the commercials and ends with what commercials are supposed t be doing anyway: Showing the product. I mean, I don’t even remember what the “monkey baby donkey” commercial was for.

Toyota "Wizard"

Toyota shows off its hot new Supra with a zippy spot that screams through the curves -- from the perspective of being inside a pinball machine.

Toyota “Toni”

This year’s Big Game spot from Toyota uses inspiration to sell cars. It sets out to “shatter perceptions,” drawing a comparison between Toni Harris, the first female to get a football scholarship, and the all-new RAV4 Hybrid. Sure, it’s a little hokey, but it also left me feeling uplifted.

Overtime: Lexus’ not-a-Super-Bowl-commercial QSS+ campaign

Though Lexus opted out of airing a commercial during this year’s Big Game, it didn’t stop them from playing on the football theme and introducing the Quarterback Safety System +, which was inspired by the Lexus Safety System + in the all-new Lexus UX. It shows how the “QB Cocoon,” “blind side” monitoring and “boo dampening” can help up the game. Below is a teaser to the QSS+, but you can see all the individual features here.

The Bottom Line:

According to Variety, a 30-second spot in the 2019 Super Bowl costs $5.1 to $5.3 million. So, it’s no wonder these are some of the best commercials we’ll see all year.

From star power to car power, automakers are pulling out all the stops this year. And I’m sure there will be a few surprises we weren’t privy to in advance.

So, even if your team doesn’t win the Super Bowl this year, at least you can still be entertained.