An 'udderly' perfect wedding

(Courtesy Echo Media) Travis, and Joya with their calf, April, on their wedding day.

It's the day many young girls grow up dreaming of; the day they don white, and walk down the aisle toward their future husband.

Growing up on a dairy farm, Joya McCarthy always knew one thing was certain when it came to her wedding day.

"I always dreamed of a dairy wedding like this, but I always thought that having a cow in my wedding some way or another would be cool, but i didn’t think it would actually happen," said the newlywed.

When Joya met Travis, she knew that dream could become a reality.

Travis also worked on a dairy farm, and when he heard Joya wanted a calf in the wedding, he didn't blink an eye.

"It was totally her style, I with no doubt knew it was going to happen," said Travis.

April, the calf, was just two months old when she walked the couples' rings down the aisle.

The two started preparing her for the big day from the day she was born.

"We kept her on the dairy, and just worked with her, and just kept her like our pet. She got some special attention, and special treatment. And we would just walk her around the dairy, getting her used to being on the halter. It was just so much fun," said Joya.

They spent the two months getting April used to the attention, walking at a slower pace, and being around a crowd of people.

When it came time for April to walk down the aisle, Travis said she did great.

“She was a little startled by all the people, it was kind of different for her. But she got down there, she made it. It was cool," said Travis.

Both Joya and Travis say they wanted to take all of the aspects of a traditional wedding, and make it "them". The wedding was everything dairy. The couple says instead of a unity candle, they had made a unity brand, and branded a piece of wood.

"I think that me and Travis are not your average country couple. We are very dairy specific, and I wanted to make sure this wedding was not a country wedding. It was a dairy family wedding," said Joya.

The two say they are going to continue working on the dairy farm, watching little April grow up.

"We are so excited to watch her out on the diary. She is our new pet out there now. We just love having her out there."