Slim Jim to release Vlasic dill pickle flavored stick in November

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The Slim Jim Vlasic Dill Pickle-flavored sticks will begin shipping to retailers on Nov. 25. (Courtesy: Slim Jim via Conagra)

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) -- Slim Jim is offering fans of the famous meat sticks the chance to snap into a new experience this November with the launch of an all-new flavor.

The latest concoction is called the "Slim Jim Vlasic Dill Pickle" flavor, which is said to combine the Slim Jim spice and the Vlasic Pickles flavor.

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The brand says the new flavor comes in response to data showing dill pickles are on 27 percent more menus over the last four years with pickle juice being searched on Google twice as much compared to five years ago.

The new sticks will start shipping out to retailers and convenience stores on Nov. 25.