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Stolen Prius found with full gas tank, tires filled and Crocs stolen

Glenn prius car.jpg
(Photo courtesy: Glenn Cable)

SAN ANTONIO (KABB/WOAI) -- Just days after losing one of his prized possessions, Crocs delivered four pairs of shoes to Cable's home Thursday, including a new pair of white shoes to replaced the lost ones.

Crocs emblazoned the words "WE BACK" on the new pair.

"We were all sorry to read about your plight but, to be honest, we are kind of thrilled that people left your car and stole the Crocs," the letter said. "That's how popular we've become."


A San Antonio man found his stolen car days later with a full gas tank and his tires filled with air but his favorite pair of shoes were stolen.

Glenn Cable, 27, said he woke up Saturday morning to find his normal parking space empty -- and his 2016 Toyota Prius gone. He initially thought his car was towed, but his apartment complex does not tow cars.

Cable filed a police report in the hopes of finding his car, but he said he was not optimistic about his chances for a reunion with his Prius.

"At that point, I thought it was as good as gone," Cable said.

San Antonio police found Cable's car Tuesday morning parked in a neighborhood near Nelson Wolff Stadium. The car had dirt all over it, but seemed mostly in tact.

"It just looked like they went joy riding in my Prius," Cable said.

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When Cable turned on his Prius he noticed his gas tank was full and his tires were filled with air. Before his car was stolen, Cable remembers the tire pressure light was on.

"My Prius has never drove better," Cable said. "I was hoping that I'd check my finances and they paid this month's car payment too."

Cable said most of his belongings were still in the car except for his glitter backpack, his bulky Halloween costume, a Freddy Mercury Pop toy and one of his prized possessions.

"I am most heartbroken that they stole my white Crocs," Cable said. "I have three pairs of Crocs. They were my favorite pair. If you see anyone with a pair of white Crocs and great fashion sense, let the police know."

Undeterred, and with his Prius back, Cable went to Rackroom Shoes to buy a new pair of Crocs.

"But they only had woman's sizes," Cable said. "I may have to go to an official Crocs store to get me a new pair."

For safety purposes Cable said he plans on parking his Prius in a garage at his apartment complex to prevent a theft from happening again.

"It made me really appreciate my car," Cable said. "I always felt a little less masculine because I drive a Prius. I'm not complaining any more."