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Weak potato harvest could cause French fry shortage across U.S., report says

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSET) -- According to a Bloomberg report, the U.S. may face a French fry shortage.

The report says this is due to a poor potato crop.

According to CNN, cold and wet weather this year has stunted the growth of potatoes.

Retailers rely on long potatoes to make French fries but there might not be enough of those to go around.

Potato producers told Bloomberg that they are having to turn to foreign producers to help make up for the loss.

“French fry demand has just been outstanding lately, and so supplies can’t meet the demand,” Travis Blacker, industry-relations director with the Idaho Potato Commission, told Bloomberg.

The potato crop forecast in the U.S. is at the lowest since 2010, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report.

This could mean consumers might see higher prices for potatoes at the grocery store.